Black and White and Pops of Pink

Black and White and Pops of Pink

This may be the first CITY Pack. 

Given the materials used, I think I made it in the spring of 2019 while sewing the pack I would use to hike the Great Divide Trail in Canada (more on that pack and that trip later!). It is clear that this pack wants to be a scaled down thru-hiking pack with a zippered pocket. The lycra stretch mesh pocket did not work AT ALL. Anything in it was doomed to fall out! Additionally, the important role of color would play in my pack designs is clear. 

I've wanted to add content to the website for awhile, but did not know what the best 'first post' looked like. 

Last week I was looking through a bin of fabric and found the last bit of one of my favorite materials: this black and white grid fabric. Unfortunately, my source for the fabric,, informed me that the manufacturer discontinued it. It's 8 ounce per square yard black nylon with a white Dyneema (UHMWPE) ripstop yarn forming the grid. Unlike GridStop or Robic Extreema, which are about 4 ounces per square yard and are slick from their coatings, this material is heftier and feels more like 1000D Cordura. 

Inspired by a 2nd Gen CITY Pack I keep around, I decided to contrast the B + W Grid with a some pink. Seeing the two together jogged my memory and inspired me to rummage through deep storage to pick out this early prototype. 


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